Monday, January 19, 2009

Savvy Outfit of the Day - $47 Pretty in Pink Coach

I didn't start wearing pink until sometime after Superstar #2 was born. It's not that I had anything against the color, I just grew up as a tomboy so I guess I never really embraced my feminine side. I was more at home in sweats & t-shirts running from soccer practice to volleyball practice and then to the football training room (I used to help tape up the players and help with injury recovery/physical therapy on the side). Not to say that I didn't have more feminine friends. I did, and some of them wore big ole bows in their hair that matched our uniforms. I just didn't.

ANYWAY - all that to say, I am falling in love with moderation. I love using it as an accent color like in this outfit where, yes, I am wearing jeans. But per What Not to Wear rules, they are a nice dark even wash and look dressy even though they are "just jeans".

The Breakdown.
B. Laguna jeans (Macy's sale $15), white tank (Rave $4), white cotton Old Navy long sleeve ($4 thrift store, new), Ann Marino black leather wedge ($8 Parisians), Pink Signature Coach clip purse ($10 thrift store), pink cashmere scarf ($6 hospital sale).
Grand Total: $47

You know, I did find a pink Coach signature hat at a local thrift store (for $15) so I could have worn that as well, but it felt a little over-the-top and too matchy-matchy for my taste so here it is, sans hat. It's easy to see that with just a change in accessory color I could have a whole new outfit, but it would have to be bright in order to have the same impact, wearing black or brown accessories would be a little boring. Yellow, orange, green or red would be other good colors to pop this outfit.

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  1. So i have been checking the local thrift stores regularly now... usually not with anything specific in mind to buy, and have found some GREAT BUYS especially in clothes for the kids! thanks for all the tips keep em coming!