Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thrfit Store Score - Michael Kors & Timberland

So the Superstars and I decided to make a quick stop at the thrift store and boy did I score a couple of great finds - a gorgeous pair of Michael Kors black suede & leather pumps for $3.99. I have a pencil skirt that I can't wait to wear with it...when it gets warmer around here. BRRRRR - it's COLD in Music City. Judging by the Zappo's $379 original price tag of the Alison pumps from Michael's "Michael Kors" line (as opposed to MICHAEL by Michael Kors and KORS by Michael Kors...anyone else confused?), I think I scored a pretty sweet deal!

Of course I could wear the yummy Timberland Monogram Wedge Boots that I found last week for just $8 since it IS so cold. Originally $150 these boots look brand new as well.

The Superstars found a Magic Treehouse book, a new Swan Lake coloring book and two readers today so we all went home happy campers for less than $10 (not counting last week's Timberlands :)

Repeat after me, "Oh how I love Savvy Shopping!"

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