Sunday, January 18, 2009

Savvy Outfit of the Day - $59 Casual Coach Style

Yeah! No jeans today. Today's casual outfit is inspired by my beautiful neighbor who is a NIA (no-impact aerobics), yoga and strip-fit instructor. She has the cutest casual outfits that are comfortable to boot!

The Breakdown.
Yoga Mossimo pants ($4 Target sale), black lace tank ($4 Rave), Joan & David ballet flats ($4 thrift store), Coach signature hobo purse ($43 eBay), Michael Stars blue top ($4 thrift store). Grand Total: $59

I can't tell you how much I love yoga pants. I can wear them to work out at the gym and then if I have to run somewhere in a hurry and don't have to shower there, I can throw a simple top over it and I look a step above presentable!

Yoga pants were a God-send when I was pregnant and that period after the baby when the pre-pregnancy clothes still don't fit. As long as you wash them in cold water and hang dry them, they will stay nice and dark and will always look better than sweats...especially those velour track suit sweats. But then that's just me! As much as I think some of Juicy Couture's clothing and accessories are cool, you will NEVER catch me in a pair of pants that read "JUICY" on the butt.

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