Thursday, November 6, 2008

Savvy Outfit of the Day $50 - Beach Style

Today's outfit was a shout out to my California days. When the weather is like it was today (70's in the day & a cool 50 degrees at night) it reminds me of fall and football in southern California and bonfires on the beach.

Thanks to Belk's, Target, Rave and my girlfriend Jenn (who gave me these totally comfy and machine-washable boots as a birthday gift) for helping me with this look. Mossimo purple sweater (Target $14), Red Camel denim skirt (Belk's on sale $7), off-white tank top (Rave $4), LIVs crochet boots (FREE - woo-hoo!) and a Lucky Vintage Leather purse ($24 thrift store).

I'm not a "trendy" person in the sense that I pour over the latest fashion magazine to see "What's Hot" and "What's Not" when it comes to what to wear. I prefer classic, clean lines and gravitate to solid color-matchings. It's easier that way! I do however, like to change out the shoes and purse to give each outfit it's own little flair - like today's outfit.

I could have also paired this look with a smaller, under-the-arm purse and a little pair of wedges or even ballet flats for a more conservative look. Truth is that I just missed California and the beach. The last time I wore these crochet boots I was walking the sands in Rosemary Beach with my Beloved. I can hear the waves and taste the salt air even now as I type....

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