Sunday, January 4, 2009

Savvy Outfit of the Day $58 - Free People Funky

Today's outfit may not follow the What Not to Wear rules. I'm not totally sure. In one way the bold print of this shirt really may walk into a room before I do and while it is not the most slimming I absolutely love the colors.

I purposefully kept the accessories low key so that it didn't look like a modified version of the Golden Girls (big and bold). Free People is one of those brands that I like because it pays attention to colors and textures in less-than-traditional ways without being too Bohemian, though I'm sure just a change of accessories could make this more "boho".

The Breakdown.

The lovely Free People sweater ($6 brand new at the thrift store), The Limited Drew Jeans ($5 TJ Maxx), Giani Bernini bronze boots ($6 thrift store), and my favorite Banana Republic leather purse ($41 eBay). Grand Total: $58

Again with the bronze color for shoes...I love it! The boots worn with dark blue jeans don't "jump" out at you so it really reads as a neutral, and the pointed toe with a bit of a heel keeps the outfit from screaming HIPPIE! Though looking at the pictures, it looks like these jeans are almost tapered. They are most assuredly NOT! However, I almost think a wider trouser leg might have worked a bit better in keeping the overall balance of the outfit. I'll have to try that, as you know this will not be the last time I wear this sweater.

So I'm sorry Clinton Kelly if this was a flagrant violation of The Rules. I just can't help but love this shirt. I hope you can forgive me. At least I didn't say I was wearing it because it was so "comfortable"...

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