Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Savvy Outfit of the Day - $63 Lucky Brand & Frye Boot Cool

Wow, you all are a tough crowd! Too many jeans lately?

Sigh. You're right. I've really just been in a jean mood. It's been cold and gray outside and I've been very, very lazy. In fact, there have been some days when I have stayed in my PJs before heading out well AFTER noon. You ever have days like that?

How about if I kick it up a notch? Would it help if I went out in a jeans SKIRT? I mean, it technically a "jean skirt", but it's a skirt so that's gotta merit some brownie points, right?

The Breakdown.
Flirty Blues denim skirt ($4 thrift store), lace brown tank top ($4 Rave), brown tights ($4 Walmart), Old Navy cord jacket ($6 thrift store), red cashmere pashmina ($6 hospital sale), Lucky Brand vintage inspired purse ($24 thrift store), Frye lace up boots ($15 shoe outlet). Grand Total: $63

So my dear Savvy Friends, I promise I will try to do better and wear my cords and other non-jean pants again. I will try!!!!


  1. I love works so well with so much. You consistantly have such great outfits...Thanks for all the thrifting advice...

  2. Thank you Little Candle! I couldn't agree with you more about denim. It's kind of a Mom's uniform of sorts, right? Easy to clean, easy to wear & make outfits with and easy to pull out of the drawer without ironing...although I do have a friend who irons all her jeans...and another who use to get them dry-cleaned!