Friday, January 23, 2009

Savvy Outfit of the Day - $47 Raspberry & Tignanello

There's nothing like a bright coat to chase away the winter grays...I told you it was pretty stunning, didn't I? I never would have bought a raspberry colored coat as my main coat, but I found this brand new with tags coat at the thrift store for just $15 I couldn't refuse. Isn't the inside lining gorgeous?

The rest of this outfit is pretty boring, but then all I did was run around a bit today so the coat stayed on the whole time; of course we couldn't have the outfit steal any attention away from the coat now could we? Wouldn't you know at my first stop a woman commented on how beautiful it was. No, I didn't tell her it was from the thrift store! I only tell you, my close friends such need-to-know details like that!

The Breakdown.
Raspberry Koret coat ($15 thrift store), black v-neck The Limited sweater ($3 thrift store), white lace edged tank ($4 Rave), Banana Republic jeans ($10 eBay), black patent leather Bandolino kitten heel pumps ($8 brand new at TJ Maxx), Tignanello black leather purse ($7 thrift store - I saw it at Macy's in the fall for $90!).
Grand Total: $47

So take it from me and my raspberry coat, be daring today and if you happen to be out looking for clothes, try on something daring and different from the things to which you normally gravitate, you never know what you might find.

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