Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RUN Don't Walk to Target....

I had something to return to Target. I timed it to be there today, Tuesday, in particular since that's the day they mark down children's clothing. Imagine my surprise to find that all the Clearance clothing (hanging up) was an additional 30% - not only children's but adults as well. Apparently they are overstocked for the Christmas season and they are trying to get it all moved out before the Spring items go into stores. Not every Target in the US is doing it, so call ahead if you're not sure if your Target is like ours and has a lot of overstock. If they do, get on over there NOW!

I got $70.49 worth of children's clothing for $13.59. The Superstars love wearing matching outfits from time to time so I got two sets of matching shirts, one sweater and two dresses - seven pieces of clothing total. That's even better than the thrift store - and brand new to boot. Talk about Savvy Savings!

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