Thursday, November 20, 2008

Savvy Outfit of the Day $74

Today's outfit of the day should be a familiar color scheme. I wore something like this earlier this month. I just love this green with denim blue.

Hats have also become a new item in my wardrobe. I cut my hair 10 inches in October and have been having fun trying new things. Hats are a wonderful thing when you don't have time to wash your hair.

The Breakdown.
Old Navy, TJMaxx, Rave, eBay and the thrift store put together today's outfit. Green Old Navy sweater (on sale $8), white tank ($4 Rave), B.Laguna jeans (TJ Maxx $15), brown cable knit hat ($8 For Love 21), Coach signature hobo ($43 eBay), bronze Anne Klein heels ($4 thrift store). Grand Total: $70

A note on my Rave tank tops. If you notice, I have it sticking out in one picture and not in the other, oops! A funny thing about that. I initially took a picture from behind without the tank peeking out and ended up proving Clinton (my What Not to Wear stylist) absolutely right. It's a little trick called "Divide and Conquer" - divide your butt with a jacket, shirt, etc. and it makes your butt look SMALLER!

Now, admittedly, I don't have a large butt and yet it sure looked better with it divided. I would show you the picture where it wasn't divided by the tank so you could see for yourself but I hit "delete" on the camera and it disappeared...bum-mer...ha, ha, ha! Get it BUM-mer. Ok! Moving on...

The other thing I noticed, however, is that I look taller & longer in the picture without the divide by tank top, which shows me that I need to find a longer sweater so that I can divide & conquer the butt and still look long and lean.

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