Monday, March 23, 2009

Savvy Shopping - $37 buys $785 worth of clothing!

This weekend I took a break and ran out to the local thrift store for a couple hours. I say "a couple hours" because I was there for about 2 hours. I like perusing all the sections, chatting with the employees, and I always try on clothes. I would venture to say I tried on at least 30 pieces of clothing, of which I ended up with 10 items (technically 11 since 1 of the pieces was a twin set).

Besides 1/2 off several of the items because they were one of the colors of the day, a fellow customer offered me the use of her discount card which gave me an additional 20% off my entire purchase bringing my total to $36.57. Mathematically speaking that means each piece averaged about $3.30.

The Breakdown.
Gap sweater set - $3/ARP $60
Tracy Reese dress - $8/ARP $250
Ann Taylor black & white striped shirt $2.15/ARP $60
Apt. 9 stripped shirt - $4.29/ARP $40
Levi's long denim skirt (new with tags still on it) - $4/ARP $40
Diesel plum colored jacket - $4/ARP $200
SLB turquoise green blue shirt - $4.29/ARP $30
Lena Gabriel New York long black skirt - $4/ARP $75
Totes leopard umbrella (new with tags) - $2/ARP $10
Blue satin Chinese shirt - $4.29/ARP $20

Grand Total: $37
Approximate Retail Price: $785
Savvy Savings: $748

What I love is that the cardigan from the twin set matches two of the shirts I bought perfectly, as well as the dress, which is why I bought it. I am NOT the kind of woman that wears strapless dress. As a D-cup girl, I just don't feel comfortable doing that, however, with a cardigan and in this color, it just looked beautiful when I tried it on. In other words, I would have missed a great outfit if I had just passed up the dress just because it was strapless. Besides, when I looked up Tracy Reese, her dresses run from $200-$400. You can get them on eBay for $100 and up, but for the most part, a comparable dress today would cost about $300. EEK!

The Diesel jacket is just cool. I would have never paid $200 for a plum colored jacket but for $4 I found something that is a little trendy and different from what everyone else is wearing. Like the Diesel jacket, the long denim Levi's skirt and even the bright colored shirts are not necessarily "classics", but at prices like these just wearing them a handful of times more than pays for it, after which time I can either a) go to Plato's Closet for an exchange when it's more fashion forward b) sell it on eBay (like the Tracy Reese dress or Diesel jacket) or c) donate it and get a tax write-off. In each case I end up either making money or breaking even.

I can't wait to wear the bright blue Chinese satin shirt with a black pencil skirt for a party or even a date night. It's definitely not a "practical" piece, but it's a fun one for sure. The little Totes umbrella was on my "be on the lookout list" because I wanted a new one to put in the car glove compartment for those sudden Spring showers since the kids broke all the other ones because I wasn't willing to pay $10 for one.

All-in-all it was a very successful shopping day. I figure with the clothes I bought I can make at least 20 new outfits with what I already have in my closet, which means I'll be going through my closet today and tomorrow so I can take some to Plato's Closet and donate some to the AMVETS which has a truck coming by our neighborhood tomorrow. I'll let you know how the Plato's Closet trip goes!

Till then Stay Savvy!

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