Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've changed my name to The Savvy Supermom


It is after much thought that I have changed my name to The Savvy Supermom. Why you ask? Well, after a couple months now of talking to friends and acquaintances about my blog and having to repeat "Savvy Suburban Supermom" several times, I realized that although the alliteration is clever, it's just too many words! So I shortened it, and well the truth is that The Savvy Supermom isn't just found in Suburbia, she's EVERYWHERE.

I hope you'll keep up with me as I make the transition. I've already transferred all my posts to the The Savvy Supermom and from now on I will be posting there. Savvy Suburban Supermom will still stay up with it's archives but when I eventually make the transition to the domain name ( make sure you add "THE" in front of the name, you know, like The Pioneer Woman (whom I adore). For now, please go ahead and check out my new home and bookmark the new site, or if want to be emailed for updates at the new site just go ahead and click here.

Stay Savvy Y'all!

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