Monday, February 23, 2009

Savvy Outfit of the Day - $63 B. Moss & B. Makowsky

Hope y'all had a great weekend this weekend! If you've noticed, I changed things up a bit in the last couple days. I'm using a new template for the blog and have added a slide show of Savvy Outfits of the Day (I'm hoping to also add a Thrift Store Score slide show soon as well.)

Speaking of Savvy Outfits of the's outfit is an attempt to break out of my traditional color box. I'm not sure what it is about this color combination, but I really like it. In the past I would have worn a black purse with this (you know, match the shoes to the purse), but as Stacie & Clinton remind us from time to time, they don't have to match - and I think I'm beginning to see the fun freedom in that option.

As a side note, this Scarlett Blake purse is part of a short run line by the makers of B. Makowsky and it shows in the gorgeous leather. I first got hooked on these bags when I found one at the thrift store for $7. A cursory search online yielded this gem of a fact, the line is under Van Zeeland, Inc. as in Kathy Van Zeeland (you know, Kathy purses). Kathy Van Zeeland happens to be married to...Bruce Makowsky! Also under Van Zeeland, Inc. is Tignanello, another line of handbags known for excellent quality and leather.

Now B. Moss (no relation to B. Makowsky) has since closed due to bankruptcy. I visited the store a few times when I was in the mall but it was a little more conservative and well, expensive, for my taste. I did however visit when they were in clearance mode and bought this simple, classic sweater for $10.

The Breakdown.
B. Moss black button cardigan ($10 B. Moss/ARP $40), goldenrod tank ($3 For Love 21/ARP $3), green Old Navy stretch cords ($5 thrift store/ARP $30), Scarlett Blake brown leather handbag ($25 eBay/ARP $200), Coach signature Bibi boots ($20 Plato's Closet/ARP $250).

Grand Total: $63
Approximate Retail Cost: $523
Savvy Savings: $460

So, I've been doing these Savvy Outfits of the Day and somewhere along the way I realized that some of the true power of savvy shopping is lost by not giving an estimate on the money saved. That said, I think I'm going to start trying put in an ARP (Approximate Retail Price) on each item as well as a Savvy Savings number on each Savvy Outfit of the Day. If I can't remember the exact price, I'll err to the side of underestimating rather than overestimating. I'll even try to go back and add these numbers to the older posts as well. It might take a while but for you, it's worth it!

Till then stay Savvy!

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