Saturday, December 20, 2008

Savvy Outfit of the Day - $40

Today's outfit is thanks to Target, Belk's, For Love 21, Rave, and the thrift store. It's a simple, weekend look that means me and the family are out to see the movies! The Tale of Despereaux is on the agenda; having read it for homeschool we are so excited to see it, although I am already explaining that books don't always translate to the silver screen the way they play out in our mind's eye. That said, I can't wait!

The Breakdown.
Purple Mossimo shirt (Target sale $5), white tank top (Rave $4), Red Camel denim skirt ($7 Belk's sale), Gray/Black tights (For Love 21 $6), Leg Warmer Leather Boots ($8 thrift store), Kate Spade purse ($10 thrift store). Grand Total: $40

Ok, so the boats are rather cool, aren't they? I have no idea what the brand name is, I looked everywhere and couldn't find it, although the 37 size on the bottom means they must be European. Suffice to say the bottom part of the foot is a leather boot and the top is warm scrunchy knit. Yes, it's trendy, so I tried to keep the rest of the outfit classic.

A Clinton Kelly tip in fact. I just turned 40 so trying to follow the trends can make one look I'm trying to hard to look young, so Clinton says pick one thing trendy but make sure the rest of the outfit is more classic. Voila!

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