Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Savvy Outfit of the Day - $29 Delicious DKNY too!

Today's savvy outfit is brought to you by the thrift store, TJMaxx and Belk's. This is casual and definitely comfortable given the stretch on these jeans! Although looking back at my savvy outfit from just the other day, I can't believe how much dressier this one looks JUST because of the dark wash of the jeans. Dang if Clinton Kelly & Stacy London aren't right once again!

The overall cost of today's outfit is so much less as well given the cost of the overcoat and the purse of the other day so I guess it's not THAT bad, but still! It's amazing how the "extras" can really change the grand total!

The Breakdown.
Ann Taylor brown sweater ($4 thrift store), Sunny Leigh printed button up shirt ($8 Belk's), The Limited blackwash Drew Jeans ($5 TJMaxx), yummy chocolate DKNY leather & suede purse ($8 thrift store), Anne Klein bronze shoes ($4 thrift store). Grand Total: $29

In the last year I have found that I like wearing a collared shirt under a v-neck sweater. It breaks it up a bit and the layering helps in cooler weather. This Sunny Leigh shirt is machine washable too so I'm not spending money at the dry cleaners, which ruins the whole saving time & money thing, you know?

You can't really tell from the main picture, but the shoes are a deep bronze color, more of a brown with a touch of sheen. The thought of wearing bronze shoes never occurred to me until recently when I realized that I can dress rather monochromatic at times and the extra sheen adds a subtlety that keeps the outfit from looking too boring. The sheen also helps when trying to wear different browns together and/or if want to wear them with black.

Like I said, I'm not looking for any fashion award, but I hope what I wear doesn't scream I'm-a-stay-at-home-mom-who-homeschools-her-kids-so-I-don't-have-time-for-myself. The haggard look in my eyes should say that loud and clear...ha, ha, just kidding!

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