Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Tip...for next year!

We all know that Halloween items are always 50-75% off the day after Halloween. Or at least I thought so. A last minute run to Kroger for candy (yes, I had TOTALLY forgotten to get candy) landed me the deal of the day. ALL the candy was 75% off at 3pm the day of Halloween.

My $10 bags of Hershey goodness were only $2.50 each - I bought 2. The Hershey's snack bite bags, only $.75; combined with the $1.00 off 3 bags coupon I found lying on top of the bags I got 3 for just $1.25.

THEN when I didn't think it could get any better, upon checking out the machine spit out a "Thanks for choosing Hershey's, here's $5 off your purchase" making my Halloween candy total just $1.25 and I got the GOOD STUFF, the candy children fight over and adults take out of unsuspecting toddler's bags for their own stash. NOT that I would ever do that...I've just HEARD that some moms & dads do that...

Combine all the with the nifty Black Widow spider punch bowl I bought last year at Kroger for $1 (normall $19.99 since it's a punch bowl set complete with ladle & cups) we were ready for a night of fun Savvy Suburban style!

Of course we had SO much candy left over I sent Hubby to work with a ziploc bag full for their "candy jar". Just think, if I hadn't been so greedy and bought less, I could have gotten my candy for FREE! Does anyone know if candy freezes well?

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