Saturday, October 25, 2008

Parenting Tip #1 - Look Before You Sit

I have heard from countless of moms-with-sons that their bathrooms will never be the same. I've listen in sympathy (and horror) to their tales of missed marks, sprinkles on the floor, peeing in the bushes, peeing off the deck, peeing off the whatever. And apparently it doesn't end with childhood as I also have friends who tell me how their husband's are still trying to master the art of hitting the target in the bathroom and peeing off decks...seriously. ANYWAY!

Not in my house. Men were outnumbered two to one in the house my husband grew up; he received "special training" in the art of putting the seat AND cover down on the toilet from his mom and three sisters. Now, I don't share this to make you all jealous, but to explain why a recent phenomenon in our house has been all the more shocking.

Imagine this. You have a free moment, you HAVE to go to the bathroom. Just a quickie. You run to the sanctuary of the bathroom for a private moment of peace. You lift up the seat cover, sit down and squish.

You, my friend, have just sat in a pee. EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!

No one told me that having girls means that you have to LOOK before you sit. Had the toilet seat cover been up, I just might have seen the telltale signs of sprinkles and I may have avoided the aforementioned incident.

Well, you can bet your sweet bippy that I look before I sit now.

I thought about buying this clever little toilet paper but the main perpetrator can't read. Besides, we go through enough toilet paper between the girls need to be Sahara-desert-dry and me wiping the seat off before I sit that we would go broke buying anything but the industrial package at Costco.

Lord, I can't wait till they start their periods some day.

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