Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At least they're reading, right?

So, if you didn't know, I homeschool my two Superstars. My 6-year-old (Superstar #1) is in first grade and in the throes of gaining proficiency in her reading skills, rather reluctantly I might add. It's not that she doesn't like books. She loves them! Well, she loves me reading them to her, and oh yeah, the pretty pictures.

The fact of the matter is that she actually does read well if she feels it isn't because she has to do it. You know, like it's her idea of something fun to do and not something boring and hard that her mom likes to torture her with, I mean, teach her to do. No, not everyday is like that when you homeschool, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't happen.

So, like a good mom who wants her children not to be moochers for the rest of their lives to succeed in life, I make books readily available. We visit the library once a week and we buy books at the thrift store all the time (savvy saving tip).

I also try to have Superstar #1 read to Superstar #2. It's a blatant play on the show-your-sister-what-a-big-girl-you-are need she has, but hey it works...most days. It sort of did today. At least they're reading right? I mean, laughing AND reading. Hey, at least they are laughing and not harassing each other.

On another note, I guess I should mention why I call them Superstars. It's not my way of subtly telling you all how great, fabulous and fantastic they are (of course you know I think they are), but because one day after sending the kids upstairs after breakfast to put on their clothes (yes, we do that AFTER breakfast so that their clothes might actually make it to the end of the day looking like they only rolled around in lunch, snack and dinner) the following scene took place.

The 6-year-old slides into the kitchen in socks ala Tom Cruise in Risky Business (only fully dressed) saying, "Presenting Superstar number one!"

The 3-year-old is nowhere to be seen.

The 6-year-old:

The 3-year-old is still nowhere to be seen, but now there's giggling around the corner.

The 6-year-old: AUDREY?!

A rosy-cheeked 3-year-old slides across the floor and into her sister, "Presenting Superstar number two!"

In unison: Ta-da!

I'm not exactly sure where they picked it up, but it sure was cute.

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  1. awwww!! that is so stinking cute! ally and i used to do that when we were little. soon to come: a full preformance that you will have to sit and watch! "sisters, sisters . . ." (white christmas reference)